Sunday, November 02, 2008

Two Girls enter, One Girl leaves!!!!!
a.k.a. The Legend of the Blunted Master: The Legend, the Halloween Adventure

Please meet Jebus Creebus Jim Crow Booga Booga "who do you know".
(or Booga for short)
This stumbling drunk be the last living master of the fabled Blunted Monkey style.

This be his magic jacket.
(Showing love for my homies, note DBC tags at the bottom.)
To wander, to fight, to drink....

This be the fair Lady Whirlwind, student of the Blunted Master
and supreme New Jersey ninja master of Nude Fu stlye.
She be getting ready to wreck a body in the Blood Wrestling pit.
(note the random girl from the crowd trying to get into the action, drunk!!!)

But first let us glimpse the preliminary rounds and the rise of Donna the Destroyer.

Donna the Destroyer (in sexy fatigues)
vs. Jessica Rabbid (Donna does not look impressed)

It takes a minute to charge "the Fury"
but Donna prevails in her prelim match.....
Lady Whirlwind fights next vs some no name hoo-er....

SLAM!!! Lady Whirlwind makes short work of this unworthy opponent

Lady Whirlwind rests before her championship fight against Donna the Destroyer.

Lady Whirlwind vs Donna the Destroyer!!!

Lady puts a good hurt on Donna

but Donna manages to eek out a slim victory!
She is the Queen of the Blood Pit, this year.

The Lady later confided to her teacher that Donna was her old friend and she deemed her more worthy to hold the title of Queen of the Blood Pit. The Blunted Master was quite proud of his student, the fair Lady Whirlwind. Her years of intense training as a wandering beggar taught her that the best things in life are not the cries of adoration from drooling sycophants or glorious $100 bar tabs (well maybe) but they are the three things sacred to the Drunken Beggar Clan... the open road, a good fight, and a stiff drink. And it was these three sacraments that teacher and student shared on that glorious night.

Oh yea, the rest of the night was a kick ASS show by Savannah's favorite Psychedelic Freak rock band GAM!!! All hail the Great God Pan and his Earthly vessels!! Witness the ritual, thee secret dance of thee Harvest King!!!!

good night