Sunday, January 28, 2007

Ask and Ye shall receive ...

wow! some peeps are looking at this? sorry for the inactivity. i have returned to doodling on paper for a while. Well, that's almost true. i had been sketching on bar napkins. i think it was good training. i'm getting fast and precise while drawing in a loud environment, while hitting the sauce. i have
scanned some stuff for your enjoyment. i leave almost all the napkins at the bar (Hang Fire, sav GA) my pals that work there SAY they keep em. maybe ill cash in on them one day and get some free beers.

visual pleasure ensues!!!
i had to digitally mess with the "levels" to clear up the scanned image from the napkin wrinkles and texture
these are small about 4" square. i do them with a ball point pen, they are pretty fast.

i did this one on the back of a menu from work. i cant put it back into recirculation because of the cuss word.

i have to bust out some designs for the ADD cartel so i can get paid, bay-bah! so i will try to update again sooner, now that i know peeps will be looking =)


btw Add cartel clothing store is up online. New designs coming in! From good artists! i am one of them! support independent business and young entrepreneurs, AND look good while you do it, at...