Thursday, November 09, 2006

Halloween Costume 2006

This is a very belated post, but on the other hand I have been very busy. I love to make my costume. If I can make it cheaply and still look good that is even better.

This years costume was inspired by a blanket my ex-girlfriend made. The blanky is an amalgam of odd shaped fabrics of different textures. When I wrapped it around me and strutted about the house, my roommate would say that I looked like a Viking chief clad in Big Bird's skin.

That got me a thinkin'. This Halloween I was to make a costume of a crazy man covered in the skins of our beloved Sesame Street characters. I used only the characters whose skins I could match at the fabric store. I did sketches and purchased supplies. Below are the "skinned" characters.


Cookie Monster
I attached the skins rather loosely to a tabbard that I wore. I made eyeballs out of ping pong balls and tied them to a gnarled staff I have. The character that I would be was still a mystery to me until we got downtown and I put the outfit on. I then became possessed by a demon I came to call Jebus Crebus. It was definitely a case of possession, the character, the voice, the antics and jokes. Most people get costumes and forget about character. For me the character makes the costume. We pay respect to the spirits on Halloween, so why not let one possess you for an evening. Below is Jebus Crebus in full effect.

Some other Halloween hooligans...
OMG Judy Jetson!