Friday, March 30, 2007

Been a long time since I rock and roll'd....

yo, been very busy in real life trying to pay rent/bills and help the A.D.D. cartel get rolling. Lots of big events planned for Spring/Summer 07 will keep y'all posted. Anyways no more chit-chat, here comes the art..... some of it is for ADD maybe a shirt design, others is just drawing, all are for fun. ENjoy!
^still pretty loose, ill develop it more maybe for a painting or a protest shirt^

^still needs more development, maybe will be used on a shirt^

^only one that i feel is done. will try to get this on a shirt, would any of you wear it?^

^scary old school clown, pretty loose idea. will be developed more for design purposes^

^Atalanta, mostly drawn for fun. could be developed more for design or shirts^