Saturday, August 26, 2006

Fat bottom girls make the rockin' world go 'round.....

Well, fat bottom girls on bicycles do, and you can't beat that with a yard of beef. I been practicing drawing and also workin at the old "dead end job". It's not bad at all being able to ride a bike loaded with pizza around downtown and washing dishes when you get back. But I'd rather be working on a cartoon or something fun like that, then again, who wouldn't. hmmm, maybe if I was more motivated like those hot, young, art chicks that have become all the rage over this-a-here internets I wouldn't be as seriously ugly as I am today. Best of luck to them, being paid to do something you love must be the most rewarding feeling.

"Enough words!!" I say. You come here for pictures and pictures you will get. Oh come off it, it's for the boobies, I already know. Warning nudity so don't scroll no more if you are young. Also if you are young, before you go, ask your parents for a 'doggie doo snow cone' complements of the Sexecutioner.

That background is 80's-eriffic
Would you still suck on that woman's nipples?

Just more practice,they are from the "Sue Her Side" Girls free tour pics. I'm not tyring to cater to anyone's fetishes and I am not making a comment about any of these women. I just wanted to throw a little curveball at the viewer while I practiced digital inking and painting.

enjoy or not! mantus


Gabriel said...

haha, i have no problem with nudity but i wasn't expecting a she-male!

mantoe said...

expect the unexpected my good man. that is one thing you will learn if you frequent my blog

Logan said...

you will also learn not to look at anything below the waist! huzzah!