Thursday, August 17, 2006

All I want to do is drink beer for breakfast.

Nanoo, nanoo. I was a drawing storm today. I pumped out a couple drawings for this little series that I will continue about female domination. These will be a group of Frazetta-esque drawings with the woman in charge and the man laying about waiting to be saved. Don't worry buttock lovers, I have maintained a similar ink to butt ratio according to Frank Frazetta's canon. He is another of my major inspirations . On to the nudity!!!! (as promised)

These gorillas are desperate for some 'man love' if you know what I mean.

Again, the man is taking the role of the helpless victim. Frazetta did not always depict his women as helpless, and I'm not making fun of him. It's just the subject matter, and I love to draw ass and nuts.

The main man himself. This is a semi-real caricature of Frazetta.

There is some subtle symbolism in this picture. He is pondering a totem pole of butts, that has an equal amount of nasty to lucious ass, and he is surrounded by butt fairies. He has stated that in his drawings the power of the actions lie in the buttocks. I am a firm believer in this statement in my art and in my life. Frazetta is an equal opportunity ass renderer, look at any gallery of his work, almost every picture has man, woman, monster, monkey, or animal ass in it equally. Atop the butt totem pole sits a round, voluptuous, woman. I believe this to be his trademark. He can really draw a healthy looking woman. On his shoulder is sits one of his characters that people know and love, ole' Death Dealer. He deals death for a living, and I think he uses that axe to do so. Many thanks Mr. Frazetta, you are one of the reasons I kept at drawing.

I promise to make these posts during the wee hours of the night and early hours of the morn, when unmentionable horrors crawl around on edges of our dreams. This I do so that only the fermented brain juices bubble to the surface and I can achieve maximum ugliness in thought. All for you..... oh yeah no one reads this bloog. Well at least it is a decent therapist. Oh yea, leave a dang comment while your at it!


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