Wednesday, November 07, 2007

gimme back my bullets....!
moar artwerks az rekwested...... all commissioned illustration except the last comic. feel free to comment. future posts will be equally intermittent. sorry, just gonna have to ration out your fix. you can handle it, right?

this is a part of a flyer/tshirt design for the temple at which i study kung fu.
Montgomery Crossroads, Savannah, GA

halloween party flyer for Hang Fire Savannah, GA

GAM halloween concert flyer at Jinx Savannah, GA

menu design for Elio's Cocina at Hang Fire Savannah, GA

quick two page comic. its vulgar and dirty and it may offend.. enjoy

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

holy shit, these just keep getting better and better. you're really growing as an artist and it's amazing to watch. i especially like the kung fu drawing. the linework there is steadier and more controlled than i think i've ever seen from you. amazing stuff, anto!